Welcome to the RAFT Solutions Farm Network and Operational Group

Providing high quality input and advice in sustainable livestock production is at the heart of our business at RAFT Solutions.

Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) by continuous, automated and real-time monitoring of the health and welfare of livestock and the associated impact on the environment, is becoming increasingly important throughout UK agriculture. The benefits associated with PLF are far reaching such as improved animal welfare, improved profitability, improved product quality, minimised adverse environmental impacts and reduced use of antibiotics through preventive health measures.

RAFT Solutions Ltd has established a network of commercial livestock farms and an operational group, equipped with technology and weather stations. The RAFT Farm Network seeks to begin to address the challenge of how a precision farming approach might provide solutions to sustainable dairy and beef production, and specifically how early warning of disease could prevent disease progression but also reduce the need for antimicrobials.

Find out more about the Project that started it all here.